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HY-type sucker rods
HY-type sucker rods are manufactured with the top-ranking manufacturing technique and they have the stable quality and excellent performance.

HY-type ultra-high strength sucker rods are made of low carbon alloy steel which have better plasticity through the rod head forging , the integral quenching and tempering treatment, the rod head digital controlled process and the surface quenching treatment. It is uniform tempered Sorbite at the center part of sucker rod and has excellent plasticity index. The sucker rod surface is hardened which has higher hardness, wear hardness, corrosion resistivity and higher fatigue life. The forging quality is strictly controlled by use of the heating patent technology developed independently. The integral mechanical performance is guaranteed through the integral quenching and tempering treatment with the domestically advanced heat treatment technical equipment. The rod head is manufactured with numerically-controlled machine and the sucker rod surface is treated with the domestically advanced surface high frequency quenching technology.

HY-type ultra-high strength sucker rod has a high tensile strength and its load-bearing capacity is superior to the gradeD sucker rod. So it can satisfy the requirements of deep well pump and intensive production. Its wear hardness and corrosion resistivity are also superior to the gradeD sucker rod because of existence of quench hardening surface which can prolong the pump inspection period and reducing the rate of rod-breaking and oil production cost. The technique type ultra-high strength sucker rod produced by our company has a guaranteed quality because its high tensile strength and long fatigue life. Now, it has been used all the country and some social benefit has also been gained.
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