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Progressive Cavity pump Application Rod (Non API)
Most of the progressive cavity pumping is still using conventional sucker rod and ultra high strength sucker rod. These rods are manufactured under API 11B Specification but defined to work under axial loads for progressive cavity pump. The use of these rods for progressive cavity pumping increase of rod premature failure with higher operating cost.
Main Characteristics:
1. The PC rod thread is designed with large screw pitch (6 threads per inch) and higher thread rigidity, such design allow the PC rod receiving higher make uo torque and pre-tightening force;

2. The PCP rod surface has a thin compression layer at the rod surface that remain under compression even under normal operating tensile loads;

3. For quality assurance, the PCP rod is using fluorescent magnetic particle and magnetic leakage inspection to check for defect of the rod end and the rod body respectively.
Chemical Properties,%
Mechanical Properties

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